Creative Direction + Project Management
Content, engagement, marketing and design with just enough technology so people and the content can connect. I help clients connect with local and global audiences. Based in NYC and London, I work for boutique, entrepreneurial and corporate organizations, agencies, institutions, and nonprofits across North America, South America and Europe to develop and manage brands, content, multi-platform channel communication, on-and-offline experiences, digital and social media presence, campaigns and projects designed to connect and inspire audiences, build or re-establish relationships with brands and products via targeted strategies, good design and efficient organizational management. Clients and projects include entertainment and media companies, advertising agencies, design studios, fashion companies, consumer goods and services, fine wines and spirit brands, sport and entertainment properties, business-to-business, luxury goods and services, and nonprofits. Currently, working with Democracy Now! Productions to expand distribution of the independently produced news hour and reach new audiences on digital platforms and public television and radio stations around the world, developing and designing new online and social media experiences, and working with the development team on fundraising efforts and events in support a truly unique public media initiative. Always interested in working with other socially responsible people and organizations, arts and culture-focused media companies and not-for-profits.
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